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LEE Flange Alignment Pins

We offer several different Two Hole Flange Alignment Pins to suit your needs.

Our popular Quick Release Pins gets rid of tedious turning. Choose Lee’s Quick Release Pins for easy use and handling and cut your fit-up time in half. Available in two sizes.

Simple and straight forward, Lee's Step Alignment Pins have a hard chrome surface to prevent wear and corrosion. Our steel line-up pins are accurate, strong and durable. Unique step-tapered design for precise fit up.  Available in three sizes.

Fabricating pipe with flange fittings? Refineries, shipyards, oilfield construction... you need to try our Tapered Nylon Flange Pins. Precision molded from light weight high-impact nylon. Simple to use, just insert pin into bolt hole and push the other half in place.

Several customers who used our Quick Release Pins asked for a threaded version, so we made one! Lee's Threaded Release Pins are simply Standard Size Quick Release Pins with threading, so you know the same durability and high-quality metal is used in the manufacturing.

Lastly, we have Additional Release Knobs available to use just in case.