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LEE Raparounds for Pipe Fitting

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Much more than just an ordinary wraparound! Lee's Raparound is the pipefitter's helper that can be used as a straight edge, square, and scale. Precision cutting gives our raparounds a smooth, clean, long-lasting edge for marking.

Made of rugged, heat-resistant, non-asbestos material. Every pipefitter's tool kit needs one!  

R-12 Little Helper and R-18 Master Helper are printed with detailed reference and measurement guides for 3,4,5, and 6-piece 90-degree elbows, decimal equivalents, protractor, and other useful reference information for welders and fitters. 


Lee's Raparounds are available in eight different sizes

Pipe Size


Up to 6" R-6 Mini Helper
Up to 12" R-12 Little Helper (with printed reference guide) - Popular!
Up to 18" R-18 Master Helper (with printed reference guide) - Popular!
Up to 24" R-24 7" x 90" (18 x 229 cm)
Up to 36" R-36 7" x 120" (18 x 305cm)
Up to 48" R-48 7" x 150" (18 x 381cm)
Up to 60" R-60 7" x 190" (18 x 483cm)
Up to 72" R72 7" x 240" (18 x 610cm)


Custom Sizes Available!

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